Winter 2012 Chain Mail released

The Winter 2012 edition of Chain Mail, CfSC's newsletter, is now available. It contains photos and articles about:

  • Why bicycle licensing won't fly in Ottawa
  • CfSC's 2011 Annual General Meeting – and advance news about our 2012 AGM!
  • CfSC's Winter Bike Parade
  • CfSC's new office
  • CfSC President Hans Moor explains why truck side guards are good for cyclists
  • IKEA's great bike parking
  • CfSC's donation to support cycling skills education in schools
  • RCAC's snow-clearing priority scheme for bike routes

along with other interesting Ottawa cycling news.

You can download it from CfSC-Chain_Mail-Vol28_No01-2012_Winter.pdf .

Or go to our Resources/Our Publications/Chain Mail menu item to see this and our past newsletters.

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