Annual volunteer awards

Citizens for Safe Cycling is pleased to recognize our volunteers who have made outstanding contributions each year. Please join us in celebrating their significant work on behalf of local cyclists!

Zlatko Krstulich - 2008 Volunteer of the Year

Zlatko chaired the Advocacy committee, did tremendous work as ward advocate for Kitchissippi ward, brought in the most new members of any member, and represented CfSC on many occasions.


Robert D. Battistella - 2007 Volunteer of the Year

Robert attended CfSC's picnic in August, and thereafter became CfSC's webmaster as well as newsletter editor. Robert's vision and attention to detail will significantly help CfSC engage the cycling community.


Ian Bickis - 2006 Cyclist Advocate of the Year

Ian assisted with numerous booths, and participated regularly in Advocacy committee meetings.


Steve Johnson - 2006 Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Steve has been involved with CfSC for a long time. He works for the Ottawa Public Library. He helped with distribution of Better Bicycling and writing, among other projects.


John Stevenson - 2005 Volunteer of the Year


Vic Gedris - 2003 Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year


Charles Akben-Marchand - 2003 Advocate of the Year


Melanie Ransom - 2002 Advocate of the Year


Ernest Ruppenthal - 2002 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year


Grant Malinsky - 2001 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Grant MalinskyThere is only one full time, paid staff member at CfSC and that is the Safety and Promotion Program Coordinator. With all of the different activities that CfSC engages in to get 'more butts on bikes' it's difficult, if not impossible, for one person to get it all done. As a consequence much of the important work that is done falls on the shoulders of our dedicated volunteers.

One volunteer in particular, Grant Malinsky, has been quietly involved behind the scenes with planning, budgeting, policy development, organizing and administration-activities critical to the success of the Safety and Promotion Program.

Grant Malinsky has been involved with CfSC for a number of years, dating back to his pre-retirement career with the former Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (RMOC).

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Lynda Kadey - 2001 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

Lynda KadeyThe winner of the 2001 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year Award is well-known to those who read the CfSC newsgroup, since she's a frequent participant on the group, particularly with interesting information that she's managed to uncover from many different sources.

And that's typical of our winner: she does her homework. Anytime she becomes involved in trying to flesh out a policy or a program, she ensures we know what has worked in other areas, and might work here.

Besides serving on the CfSC Board in the last year, our winner also became a CAN-BIKE instructor. When CfSC's representative on the cycling advisory committee resigned, she took over for several months, adding considerable input to the committee's 2001 draft workplan and the city's submission to the Urban Showcase program.

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Ed Ripmeester - 2000 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Ed RipmeesterIt's that time...time to announce Volunteer of the Year,
As we put our heads together, the choice was still difficult and hardly clear,
First, we asked ourselves who helped distribute
Better Bicycling, Ottawa's cycling news,
Of course, many of you did, so we continued to muse.

And then there was Commuter Challenge, a frantic week,
Without the help of some of our volunteers, it would have been bleak.
A series of cycling demos and seminars at many workplaces,
Gave our volunteers a chance to see new, potential cyclist faces.

What about the cycling safety demos for kids in the summer?
They would not have happened without two of our dedicated volunteers....that would have been a bummer.
And who always gives feedback on programs when asked?
Still a number of volunteers would do so, present and past.

At last, there was one person who came to mind,
Who was there for all of the above and who was also there at short notice, when we were in a bind.
And so we are very lucky to have a keen, retired cyclist with a cause,
So let's give Ed Ripmeester, our Volunteer of the Year,
a rousing round of applause.

(as delivered by Sylvia Welke at the Nov. 3, 2000 CfSC Annual General Meeting)


Alayne McGregor - 2000 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

Alayne McGregorAlayne McGregor showed us again this year that important cycling advocacy requires commitment and knowledge that comes from working on a task long enough to get good at it.

In 1999-2000, she helped draft Terms of Reference for the new Ottawa Cycling Committee. Her 5 years of experience as CfSC's representative on the (old) Ottawa Cycling Advisory Group was very helpful.

Dozens of long and cryptic Transition Board reports were read and analyzed by Alayne this year, to study their effects on cycling and transportation in the new City of Ottawa. She attended many Transition Board meetings, and talked with board members about supporting cycling and a new cycling committee.

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Graydon Patterson - 1999 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Graydon PattersonDependable. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. Caring. These words and more describe the 1999 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year, Graydon Patterson.

This volunteer's commitment was clear right from the start. It was late April, the coordinator had just started in the S&P office, and the program was short on CAN-BIKE instructors. Somehow, Graydon was easily convinced to spend every Saturday in May teaching two different classes of kids. The first ended at noon, and the second started at 1:00. Some would see this as an hour for lunch - if they didn't have to cycle from Old Ottawa South to Barrhaven.

From then on the coordinator relied heavily on our volunteer of the year for information. He was constantly bombarded with questions about CAN-BIKE and courses and locations and everything else. Graydon was always willing to help, providing all of the information needed in a polite and informative manner.

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Peter McNichol - 1999 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

Peter McNichol There are FOUR E's that need fighting for:

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Encouragement

All four must be done to improve cycling for all. Some may differ on what is required by each E. Some individuals may choose where to spend their efforts to promote the greater good, but we, as a collective body, cannot forget that it takes four E's to improve cycling.

Succinctly stated, Peter McNichol, the final Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of this century reminded a local group of cyclists on the Internet on what it takes to "promote the greater good" of cycling. As an extraordinary cycling advocate, Peter has been an example to others of the value and necessity of working on many aspects of cycling to make a difference.

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Bill Davis: 1998 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

Bill DavisThe winner of the 1998 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year Award, Bill Davis, has been an active and energetic member of CfSC and the Ottawa Cycling Advisory Group (OCAG) for many years. Bill  has been one of the major players on OCAG in moving the implementation of the City of Ottawa Comprehensive Cycling Plan (CCP) over the last 5 years. While intent on ensuring the plan was implemented, he was willing to discuss different ideas and approaches to specific projects to ensure they would work well.

In particular, because of Bill's work in the fall of 1998 in bringing together senior city staff, politicians, and cyclists, the CCP budget was in this year's city draft budget, and in the 10-year city capital plan for the first time ever — after five years of having to lobby every year to put it back in the budget after staff took it out.

Bill has also been a consistent volunteer in CfSC public booth activities, where his smiling face, charming manner and his store of information have won over many members of the public. He is well known to his Regional & city councillors, who have heard him present pro-cycling views clearly, well, and frequently. He has also worked within his local community association to promote cycling routes and programs in order to minimize disruption of the neighbourhood by traffic and preserve greenspace.


John Kane - 1998 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Award of Merit recipient

John KaneJohn Kane retired, to take a well-deserved break from the CfSC Board of Directors in November 1998 after participating in all aspects of cycling promotion, advocacy and safety for more than four years.

As a resident of Hull John brought his familiarity of cycling issues on "the other side of the river" to CfSC. John took a lead role in representing and defending cyclists' access and safety during the Portage Bridge reconstruction and successfully fought a proposed bicycle parking ban in Hull.

He was an active member of the Cycling Safety and Promotion program Management Committee for several years. John helped the program volunteers and staff become more effective by sharing his professional knowledge in the area of program evaluation and planning and was always available to help out on projects.

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Eric Wright - 1998 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Eric WrightWhat makes CfSC's Cycling Safety and Promotion program successful is the many volunteers who devote precious hours each year to program activities. Among this special group of people, often one or two stand out as having made an especially valuable contribution.

This year one person in particular had a hand in many parts of the program: Eric Wright. Eric helped with several Kids Can-Bike Festivals, volunteered at information display booths, was a lead organizer of the Harvest Ride fundraiser, and showed up to the annual picnic with a barbeque when nobody else did.

He assembled an excellent portable display board and map carrying case that had been needed for years, and has been well-used this year to get the safety and pro-cycling messages across. Each of these contributions helped to make various Cycling Safety and Promotion events a bigger success, and helped to make the work of the coordinator and other volunteers a little easier.

Eric did all of this in addition to his regular efforts as a board member, providing careful direction to the program budget, staffing, activities and policies throughout the year.

Congratulations Eric, and thank you.


Nathalie Connor - 1997 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Nathalie ConnorStupendous feats of organization, outreach and public relations were recognized at CfSC's November 21 Annual General Meeting when Nathalie Connor was selected as the Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year.

Office coordinator extraordinaire, Nathalie began by representing CfSC on a pathways patrol committee in the spring of 1997. One glaring need led to another and it wasn't long before she was putting in long days at the CfSC office organizing instructors' packages, phoning volunteers for events, and answering questions about our cycling programs.

She has been the public face for CfSC at countless events and displays, including the Statistics Canada Enviro-Expo, Nepean Days, the Ride for Cycling and any number of Kids CAN-BIKE Festivals. She's also been the public voice: that's Nathalie's smooth bilingual welcome you'll hear when the CfSC office voice mail kicks in.

Coordinator Gavin MacPhail doesn't know how he would have got through 1997 without her. A volunteer well beyond the rest, Nathalie has visibly made one corner of the world a far better place. Thank you, Nathalie!


Alayne McGregor - 1997 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

Alayne McGregorAlayne McGregor, a phenomenal advocate for cycling for the past 8 years, was long overdue for the advocacy award which came her way at CfSC's November 1997 Annual General Meeting. There isn't a councillor in Ottawa or the Region who has escaped her calm, reasonable, unyielding arguments.

The monumental task which Alayne set herself in the past three years was to keep cycling and the interests of cyclists foremost in the revision of the Region's Official Plan and Transportation Master Plan (TMP). There were endless meetings, open houses and consultations; stacks of documents as tall as the activist herself; and no shortage of bone-headed outrages to combat. What percentage of commuters use their bicycles? Let's count them during a winter blizzard. At least now we know why the figures seem so odd.

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Laurence Howman - 1996 Cycling Safety and Promotion Program Volunteer of the Year

Laurence HowmanLaurence Howman was deservedly honoured as CfSC's Safety and Promotion Program's volunteer of the year at the CfSC Annual General Meeting in November, 1996. Laurence is an all round asset to the program, staffing display booths, unfailing helping out at safety awareness and fundraising events. But apart from that - away from the public, more social activities CfSC does - lies the Laurence's real value to the organization.

One day every week Laurence comes in to the office on a day off work and helps out wherever needed - deliveries, photocopying, maillots of safety materials, office clean-up, errands; you name it and Laurence has probably done it. His good nature and dedication while helping with cycling research, organizing newspaper articles and office files, always makes the hectic days smoother. Working with him is a real pleasure.

Laurence has been an avid cyclist since a boy in England and his enthusiasm for cycling continues unabated a few decades later. Thanks to Laurence's contributions, awareness of cycling safety in Ottawa-Carleton has received greater notice.


Maggie Niemi - 1996 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Award of Merit recipient

Maggie NiemiMaggie Niemi has been one of CfSC's most dedicated volunteers.
She has served as the editor of CfSC's newsletter, ChainMail, for the past two years, enduring missed deadlines and rushed production on more than one occasion. Her editing and layout talents have also been used to great advantage on a few CfSC brochures and handouts.

Maggie also served on the Management Committee of the Cycling Safety and Promotion Program and was a very active member of the Ride for Cycling organizing committee. You probably remember her cooking burgers and dogs after the first year's ride and you certainly saw her handiwork when you collected pledges - she designed the brochure!.

Most recently, Maggie served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors, devoting many hours to balancing the books and making sure the bills got paid.


Doug Gabelmann - 1996 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

Bob Sanderson

Although Doug Gabelmann is the very busy co-owner and operator of a local business, he has always made time to work for better cycling in Ottawa. Since 1994, Doug has been CfSC's official representative on the City of Ottawa Cycling Advisory Group (OCAG). During that time he steadfastly worked for the interests of cyclists. He met with and made presentations to city councillors to ensure they were aware of cycling problems and opportunities. He helped CfSC and OCAG campaign for funds in the city budget each year to implement the Comprehensive Cycling Plan (CCP) so these cycling problems could be fixed. Then he worked on the volunteer committee that monitored the progress on the CCP, to make sure the budgeted funds were actually and effectively used to improve cycling. And finally, Doug made noise when that money wasn't actually being spent.

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Bob Sanderson - 1996 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Award of Merit recipient

Bob Sanderson

Bob Sanderson phoned the CfSC answering machine in early 1995. "Hi, I'm new in Ottawa, but I've done cycling skills training in Halifax and I hear your group does it here. How can I help?" And, before he knew it, Bob was an integral and important part of the CfSC team.

Besides being an excellent teacher of defensive cycling skills, Bob has a great gift for getting beginning cyclists on their bike and safely on the road, with confidence and skill. To the CfSC Cycling Safety and Promotion Program, where he acted as chair of the Management Committee for more than a year, he added important management skills and procedures which made the program run more effectively.

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Kim Urschatz - 1995 Cycling Education and Safety Program Volunteer of the Year

Kim Urschatzno information is available


Brett Delmage - 1995 Ottawa-Carleton Cyclists' Advocate of the Year

no information is available


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