CfSC asks NCC to improve Confederation Boulevard for cycling

CfSC has provided cycling-related advice for many planning studies at the NCC, and is aware of the current work being done to improve elements of confederation blvd. We appreciate the careful approach the NCC takes with its planning process, and are convinced that viable solutions can be found to improve even the most difficult elements encountered by cyclists on confederation blvd.

Without a specific study based on the perspective of a cyclist travelling all the way around the Boulevard, we can expect only ad-hoc solutions applied if and when other projects on Confederation Boulevard allow for it. We believe he proposed study is the best way to bring ideas and potential solutions forward to improve cycling safety, given the complexity resulting from the many roles Confederation Boulevard must fulfill.

Let's welcome cyclists back onto Canada's main street

With Regards,

Zlatko Krstulich,
President, Citizens for Safe Cycling

cc: J.F. Trépanier- NCC Executive Vice President of Operations,
City Centre Coalition,

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