Letter from Coun. Leadman re city cycling budget

CfSC received the following letter from Coun. Christine Leadman on December 21, 2009.

Z Krstulich,
President of the Board of Directors   
Citizens for Safe Cycling

Mr. Krstulich,

Thank you for your hard work along with Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC) in pursuing meaningful  advocacy and your support for moving the City towards sustainability. Proper implementation of the  green hierarchy of transportation is crucial not only to maintain levels of service on existing  infrastructure and to defer planned roadway expenditures but also for the safety and security of the early adopters of a more sustainable transportation system in Ottawa. It is unfortunate that there have been so many avoidable accidents in the past year regarding cycling in Ottawa, but with your help we as a City are collectively beginning to correct the underlying problems that caused many of these accidents.

The draft 2010 budget, as noted in your letter, is promoting historic levels of investment in cycling infrastructure in the City. This includes new cycling coordinators, training programs, dedicated bike lanes, discretionary cycling infrastructure funding and more. Local initiatives in Kitchissippi are also moving forward including piloting the first bike boxes in the City. After the Audit, Budget and Finance Committee’s recommendations for the draft 2010 budget, only one of the cuts that passed affected the original cycling infrastructure. The cut reduced the planned Bike share pilot program by half.  

The recent addition of the cycling link in Hampton Park to the Ottawa Cycling Plan demonstrates the current positive working relationship that is being forged between CfSC and the City. This first step is but one of many initiatives that will involve a strong collaboration between both groups. In the New Year, there may be an opportunity to pursue even greater stabilization and growth of cycling and other “green” forms of transportation infrastructure. As initiatives are moving forward, there will be special attention to ensure CfSC’s awareness of the initiatives as well as seeking its participation. Conversely if CfSC requires any assistance with the City please do not hesitate to contact my office or myself.

In closing, I will be working to maintain the proposed level of cycling investment in the draft 2010 budget and have been honoured by to work with such an active and knowledgeable community advocacy group such as Citizens for Safe Cycling.  

I wish your membership, board members and yourself a happy holiday season and a successful new year.


Christine Leadman
Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward

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